”Hej då GMO!” is a network for GMO Free Sweden!

GMOs = genetically manipulated organisms
or sometimes called as
GMOs = genetically modified organisms

The first GMO-free municipality in Sweden is Östersund.  Jämtland is the first GMO-free county. There are several municipalities  and groups currently working for making their areas GMO-free zones.

We launched a new portal on the net for people all over Sweden to meet and exchange information and encourage local communities to join the European Network for GMO-free regions in February 2008.

The name of the network ”Hejdå GMO” means “Goodbye GMOs” and the web address ”hejdagmo” means “Stop GMOs”. Organic farmers, biodynamic farmers, small scale family farmers, the Slow Food movement, cooks, food writers, consumers, environmental activists and of course mothers and fathers are all involved.

Any questions? Please use the form below. Thank you!

Administrator (Akiko Frid)
e-mail: hejda.gmo@gmail.com

Sweden – the new culinary nation

Eskil Erlandsson, Minister for Rural Affairs, has a vision about Sweden as the new culinary nation. Long, light spring and summer evenings, diversity of produce and manufacturing methods, unique nature and good chefs – that is why Sweden will become the new culinary nation in Europe.

The food industry is Sweden’s fourth largest employer. Along with growing tourism, it is of major importance to rural areas. The aim of our vision of Culinary Sweden is to create growth and employment.

Why Sweden will become the new culinary nation

Long, light spring and summer evenings
The long, light spring and summer evenings ensure a special climate where fruit and berries grow slowly and gain in flavour.

Unique nature that supplies unique produce
The combination of nature and produce also offers an exclusive culinary experience. The sea gives the west coast its shellfish, which are world famous for their flavour; there are mussels and farmed oysters, and of course fresh fish caught every day. The great forests and wildernesses offer not just peace and quiet, but also game: an ingredient that holds a special place in Swedish cuisine.

Growing tourism gives Culinary Sweden a chance to develop further
Culinary experiences form a major part of tourists´ experience and image of Sweden.

A diversity of produce and manufacturing methods
Sweden has a diversity of produce and manufacturing methods, blending Swedish culinary traditions with inspiration from other countries. Swedish chefs are renowned the world over for their ability to make the best of this blend of tradition and innovation.

A growing food industry
A growing food industry that is of major importance to entrepreneurial spirit and ventures are a strong contributing factor to a living countryside. This creates a regional food culture and a local identity.

Animal health and welfare and organic cultivation
Animal health and welfare are always a primary focus, along with organic cultivation, environmental approaches and sustainable food production in both cultivated and wild landscapes and in the sea. Sweden is also salmonella-free, which promotes consumer security


Yes, to organic, no, to GMO!

Bye bye, GMO!


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